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GTA Vice City Story

Plot of GTA Vice City

15 Years before GTA Vice City starts (1971) In 1971, in Liberty City, Sonny tasks Tommy Vercetti to kill a man in Harwood. However, this...

Top 10 Annoying Things People Do on WhatsApp

Show me your WhatsApp messages and I will tell you what kind of a person you are. WhatsApp is essential for communication between two...
Zombie Cover

Zombies In Spaceland Guide: Obtaining The Dischord Gun

In this guide, we will explain you, step by step, how you will obtain one of those wonder weapons that we talked about, the...
Wrong Speliing Starbucks

Why does Starbucks constantly write our names in the cups incorrectly?

Let’s face it, that happened to all of us at some point. We all went to a starbucks, got in the line placed our...

The List of Most Powerful Pokemons In Pokemon Go

The game community is comprised of real followers and some of those people are genuinely profession on Pokemon Go. In fact, some of those...

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