As more and more people begin to hear of Fortnite, which is raging across the gaming community, people want to play it more. But just like all competitive games, there is a (small) learning curve to defend yourself properly at least at first.

So we have some basic ideas and tips for you to help you transition to a winner from being a rookie.

Fortnite PC Version

First, don’t get upset when you die in seconds when the game starts. If you are a newcomer, remember that there are literally millions, playing this game for a very long time so until you grasp the basics, you will die. That is no short cut about it.

You start the game in the battle bus and you need to jump before its flight ends. Then you glide down to any given section of the map. You will have no control over when your glider will deploy so there is nothing strategic about the timing of deployment.

If you wait until the last possible moment to jump from the bus, you will probably land somewhere with little to no crowd. This will give you some time to organize. (and not to get shot instantly.)

Fortnite City

When you land, start looking for weapons and complementary items such as potions, bandages etc. You need to keep such aids in your inventory at all times. You never know when to sustain damage.

Furthermore, building is a big part of the game so practice on it. If you find a high ground, try to build a mini fortress enclosed with walls. Do not forget to build a ramp for access though because falling also causes damage. You can use the wood from the trees.

Wooden Fortnite

After landing and gathering some weapons and items, you will see a storm, brewing at the outer rims of the map. After the first three minutes, this storm engulfs the other areas, and shrinks in, making the players converge at a smaller area in the process. You die if you get caught. So know where the storm is and where the other players might be.

After a while, you will start learning the general player behaviors, common hiding spots and traps, you will get accustomed to the weapons and environment. When you really think you master the pace of the game, then you are ready for the real deal.

How to win every time : Fortnite Solo Battle Royale

Fortnite has always been a popular title but as its popularity skyrocketed in the recent days, its player base grew exponentially as well. This means seasoned player and fiercer competition. Now if you want to eliminate the competition and be the best of the best, the very last man standing, here is some tips that you can use;

First of all, try to memorize some sections of the map. The map is not that large and it is comparatively easier to do. That way, you will cut the time to adjust to your surroundings when you land. This will lead you to have better reaction and awareness when you start your game.

Fortnite Map

Second one comes in the form of patience.  You need to learn when to wait, when to observe, when to remain hidden and when to strike. The nature of this game is based on the ambush behavior so just like a predator in the wild, you have to wait until the best possible moment to strike your prey. Otherwise any hunter can become a prey in an instant.

Hide Fortnite

However, this game is not PUBG, it is a fast paced game and ambush does not mean camping. Keep that in mind.

Learn to build fast and effective. If you build a quick wall and ramp when spotted, your likelihood of survival dramatically increases. But this needs practice as you need to know how to and when to build precisely.

How to BUILD LIKE A PRO In Fortnite Battle Royale

And finally, be on the lookout. This game is ruled by the surprise so become the surprise itself, not the receiving party. Always be alert, be mobile. Look for chests, guns, good defensive positions but while doing so, always check your surroundings. You never know what may emerge from that shed you are heading to.