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Who is better?

Who Was A Better Inventor? Tesla or Edison?

Dear my friends, as you know, the topic of who is a better inventor, Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison has been a controversy  for...
Bermuda Triangle

What Is The Secret Of The Bermuda Triangle?

In this region of Earth, which looks like a triangle when open up a map, many mysterious and unexplained events have occurred to this...
CyberPunk Culture

What is the Cyberpunk? Cyberpunk Games and Movies

It is a hard thing to define the term “Cyberpunk”, which indicates both a culture and a genre. The design construct of the Cyberpunk...
Titanic Cover

Chilling Facts About Titanic That Most Of Us Don’t Know

Titanic, hitting an iceberg and sinking with numerous people on board has been one of the most touching tragedies that affected the humanity. But...
Earth and Sun

Why Does the Earth Revolve?

Actually not only the earth revolves but also the other planets, their satellites, the Sun, the other star systems and other Galaxies are also...
Seven Wonders

Where Are The Seven Wonders Of The World?

Throughout the ages, the humankind tried to produce works which would make mark, which would be adored by the future generations and which may...
Montessori Education System

What is the Montessori Training and how is it applied?

The Montessori Training that has been in use for over a century was developed by Maria Montessori, an Italian teaching philosophy specialist. Maria Montessori, born...
Air France Crash

Top 10 Deadliest Airline Disasters in the World

Aircraft accidents are always frightening but some of them are really unbelievable in terms of losses. Here are the first 10 most fatal aircraft...
Theatre Masks

10 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better!

1. Theatre tells people the things you have always thought of but haven’t had a chance to express by putting them in order in the...

10 Traits of People with Strong Innovation Skills

Creativity is a strange thing and it is usually seen as illogical. A creative set of mind is a defined and distinct character trait...

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